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It's Been A Long Journey ... But We Must Go On

Happy 2021 People! Beginning my 2021 journey by revisiting my blog which I sorta of neglected for awhile. So I thought I've revive this again and start sharing once more. This year started with a visit to Endocrinology at Changi General Hospital. Last year was stir crazy with the Coronavirus concerns, but I still try to ensure I can make it for most of my medical appointments as originally scheduled. So here's the result:

Except for the Creatinine Serum and Prolactin Serum being marked High, most are very much on par. And matter-of-factly, the system seems stable. Not perfect, but I'd take every piece of good news as it comes. The discipline to continue on use of meds goes on. Thank you Dr. Loh Wann Jia and Nurse Nurh.


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