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Return of the Jedi

Sorry if I've been away for so long. So much has happened that I didn't had much time updating. On Dec 3, 2018 I finally had my brain surgery to remove a 3-cm tumour, it was considered successful. Right now I'm resting in bed at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, so decided to take this time to try share more.

Earlier in late October, 2018, I was officially discharged as an outpatient from Heart Failure patient, which allowed me to pursue this course of action. I can say it wasn't an easy decision, but it did improved my chances quite a bit.

I met and made a few more friends here at the hospital, And I know they have their concerns about where life is going to take them in the future when stricken down with illness that could impact their income.

My word of advise is: "First look towards recovery, somewhere somehow, things will work out. Don't give in to worries and despair. Your best bet in life is always must take care of yourself first."

We live in a modern society that despite all our best effort, we are very prone to health failure in whatever level of impact. But until we learn to let go of these daily weariness, only then can things

be brighter.

As a double whammy receiver, I lost all my savings to medical bills, but if not for the determination to move forward despite my then inhibiting factors, and change of mindset, today I would probably could not have walked out of it.

So stay positive my friends, never give up, have good faith.

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