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So today I got about visiting 3 clinics - Neurosurgery, Nephrology (Renal Medicine) and Endocrinology. So we got to understanding that my pituitary tumor isn't shrinking or growing, but is there. So there is a debate apparently going on whether to stay put or do surgery. There are plenty of other factors to consider, the strength of my heart while under anesthesia, and so forth. Neurosurgeon think it best to stay put for now, endocrinology wants to consider surgery - well let them go work it out. Renal medicine thinking my kidneys have also stabilized somewhat - and attributed the situation to past heart-failure. All-in-all? It's fine. It isn't as bad as it sounds, I can honestly say it is much better than we first discover all these issues, and at least my eyes isn't getting worse for wear as is. To this, I'm still grateful to the team that has been helping me and trying to weigh out everything to see me pull-through. My Neurosurgeon has also okayed the use of ISOTONIX to be used as supplement, reminding me that is not a miracle cure all - I concurred and recognized it is to help me fight off any areas of immunity fatigue and so forth. What I see currently is that things are going to get better, even if my ailments don't go away permanently, I know that. No fears, no hopelessness, and no complaints - I take to heart that all things are a promise of a better tomorrow. Limited or otherwise, one should always strive to do their best for their fellow man. And hopefully wisdom comes in to guide our hands through all trials and tribulation - even if it doesn't, life would still need to be lived the way it is - with dignity, love, and good faith.

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