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Of late, I've been more cautious to share good news, in avoidance of big disappointing turn of events. But for the the love of God, such prudence allows me to be humble, gentle in speech, thoughtful, and appreciative of the simpler things in life. The doctors have decided the pituitary tumour as stable, my eyesights view range seems better although I appear to be long-sighted now. My heart condition is stable too, and now am able to walk a good 30-mins or more with a backpack without feeling tired. I started consulting work and also helped a couple of companies worked on their website development projects. So far things seems to be going as it should be - normal and well. Yet each day I am aware out there, many folks, still struggle to accept and adapt to their own life's challenges. But then we are not all supermen and superwomen, even if we were, it's not easy to overcome the challenges we faced, unless we recognize a need to move forward with hope. My recent blood works seems also to indicate a positive change, things are looking up. My take to you is simple - never give up, do what you need to do, but do something constructive. It helps with improving your lot in life. Sickness may harm the physical and mental aspect of ourselves, but fear and inaction will kill the spirit and resolve. So let nothing stop you from change, no matter how discouraging small it may be. Take things one baby step at a time, and eventually you will fly, look at yours truly.

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