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Sorry folks for not updating recently, been kind of busy and seems to have lower immunity to ailments these days.

So what's been happening so far? I put on a bit of weight, but strength has returned somewhat. Work has taken my attention away from the multiple medical issues and made me focus on important and long overdue priorities. Rather creative these few months, mucking on drawing style, design, writing, copywriting, mini-movie making. Learning how to use apps like iMovie, Photoshop, etc. Been busy reconnecting to old friends from secondary school, polytechnic, university, old workplace, and those from the industry too. Attending events, exhibitions, and workshops.

There's quite a lot of new learnings out there too. Last week i even attended a Shopify workshop ... ideas are brewing. I guess what I am trying to say is - you can live a near-normal life regardless of your medical condition(s). I hope I am that proof to many of you. You don't have to let your illness take away things that you love to do or the ability and heart to explore new things. Recently I was phone interviewed by our WDA (Work Development Agency) for a possible newspaper spread to help with their Career Support Program spotlight. It's a program I am on currently which allowed me to work full-time with TalariaX. It's going to be good publicity for TalariaX, and I am happy to do so. My tenure with TalariaX, however, will come full circle by this end of November. It means I will have to find a new job with a different company (currently without the benefit of a new funding as yet).

I want to thank TalariaX's amazing team, especially its CEO and senior management for accommodating to myself with so much flexibility in my work schedule. In additional opportunities to refine skills that seemed to previously thought having plateaued. I hope I've done my best for them during this period. (More on TalariaX: ) The path we walk is something we must have courage to endure - regardless of the road blocks laid in front of us. Grateful for the opportunities presented to myself. Well I'd stop here for now, feel free to drop me a line and tell me how are you doing these days. Have a great life. Namaste.

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