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"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."—Joshua J. Marine

Who would have thought ... certainly not I that other than my heart failure problem, I am also now diagnosed as having a pituitary tumour near my eyeballs that may blind me. The tumour is the probable result of some hormonal disorder that somehow formed a lump. So far it is considered benign, It was discovered during an MRI scan, and now I'm also visiting the Ophthalmology and Neuroscience Centre. This in addition to the rest of the medicine clinics. By the way they added Nephrology and Endocrinology too. Nephrology deals with kidney problems (renal medicine) while Endocrinology deals with hormonal growth problems. My liver and kidney were affected because of my heart failure, we are still trying to figure out how did the tumour came to be - suspect is due to hormonal hyperactive probably due to some system imbalance. For awhile I went into a stupor when it was told to me. I thought things were getting better as cardiologist and heart failure had reported my heart condition is improving. It was a bit difficult to swallow of having to find new health challenges. I was at a loss, and frankly the doctor's prognosis wasn't very forthcoming or helpful - left me with a lot of questions. But then I thought about it ... this is probably an opportunity to continue sharing with others how to deal with unexpected challenges. How I can use this as a lesson to learn the value of a limited life, and to appreciate every moment of what I do and am already in possession of. I know its a long road ahead, but I'm willing to see it through. So I want to encourage you don't give up as yet on any challenges you might face. Fight on! Perhaps we are tested so, so that when we recover, we can learn to be better and stronger human beings. So continue to find time and cherish every moment - never give up. Cheers!

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