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I asked my mum today how she felt when I had to come clean about my condition back then? She said she was worried, and she didn't know if I was honest up front - since I appear to be so positive about it. However she felt less worry because she was able to use the information I provided and asked her friends who were in healthcare, and she felt much acceptable of the situation. It's a tendency for many of us not to be too honest about our condition with our loved ones, fearing that they worry excessively, and didn't want to pain them with guilt or helplessness towards bettering our situation. But truthfully the more we hide the more they worry, because we are never at peace from hiding our own conditions with others - our lies and falsehoods didn't help but elevate their pain when it is found out. It's not an easy thing to accept but it is something we must do. Be truthful ... and be positive about the situation, not illusional. Thats how we can help our loved ones accept our condition, and thats how we can help ourselves from carrying that burden by ourselves. Don't worry ... be honest.

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