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I hadn't written for awhile not because I was sick, but because I started to have a life outside of the conditioned induced limitations. The doctors and physiotherapists are happy with my progress even though I put back some weight. We have increased our cardio exercise level too. At home, I'm okay doing 10 pound barbells now, walking about 2km, and started Wing Chun Classes just last evening. At work I feel more energetic and learning how to manage my daily stresses by thinking clearly and without taking things too personally. Life has been good. Though the heart is still not an organ that be easily repaired (if at all), what I wanted to share was you can have a close to normal life, if you but willing to walk out of the shadows of fear, hopelessness, helplessness, and distress. Learn to appreciate things and people as they are, flawed or otherwise, it will make your life a little easier. Please believe in yourself and your possible future - it all depends on how you look at life. Namaste!

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