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I started going back to work in December, and initially it took quite a lot out of me. Over time I slowly got used to it, and am able to function better into a normal work and life routine. Basically I learned to pace myself and to be sensible about what to do when my body seems not on par that day.

Most folks who knows my condition are amazed that I decided to continue from where I left off. I started attending seminars, events, and talks, engaging with friends, customers and business partners too, very soon I might have to attend trainings and classes once more - but all in good stride. The key thing is I am able to pace myself depending on my stamina and condition day-by-day.

I continue to maintain my diet and exercises with the help of my family and friends. It seems I can walk further now too, able to push the 2km mark with a backpack stuffed with my laptop computer and document - just have to take it easy.

No longer breathless, I speak with a clear voice and can eat heartily for lunch (I just eat a sensible size proteint and have fruits or vegetables if available), mindful of the portion size and pre- and post-meal activities. Bascially I try to move about at least a bit to help the digestion and the metabolism. Regardless life must go on. I lowered my caffeine intake, and prefer plain water where possible, but keeping in mind the volume of intake to ensure I don't exceed my 1.2-1.5L daily limit. Still on occasion I give myself a treat, ice-cream and/or a candy bar - just to make life a little more savoury. By evening when dinner comes about, its light, more fibers. But on occasion if there is a heavier than usual meal, I either walk it off, or I make sure that I keep moving about for a while. My buddies think I look good now, and my family thinks I am so much better than I was last year.

Personally I also feel things are looking up.

My cardiologist and I started to speak about putting in lace a pace-maker device to help my heart, we are considering how to deal with the cost, and when is it needed to do the procedure - all still in the pipeline. I still have problem sleeping, Sometimes waking in the cool early morning to relief my bowels (it feels oddly comfortable thereafter), but am able to east into a peaceful nap till morning. I also planned my weekends with housework chores, partially to help the family find normalcy, and partially to help me build up stamina. So if you asked me - though somewhat discounted - it is possible to return to some semblance of normalcy in life. Just have to believe you can do it, and you want to do it. New body? Nope - just new paradigm in life!

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