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My weight loss due to poor appetite had robbed me of the energy I needed, while as my heart condition maintained at a low performance required me to walkabout with a cane, still somewhat breathless but comparatively much better.

My mum jokingly said I now have chicken wings on my underarms. I had lost close to 20kg before my first stay in the hospital. With an oximeter measuring my oxygen intake/utilization between late mid-80s to low 90s, its a sure sign my heart wasn't getting enough oxygen into the blood stream. So taking advise from the physiotherapist I've began 6-minute walks twice per day. That gradually helped improved my oxygen intake, and also helped me build up stamina and strength.

My appetite returned but still far from normal. My centre-of-gravity was too hight, and it made walking a somewhat difficult task as I tend to lean forward, had it not been for the walking cane, I would surely have fallen forward, not a desirable effect for the doctors. But still pressed on, and can only hope things will get better each day.


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