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One of the biggest obstacle to recovery was the mental acceptance of the heart failure condition, and the willingness to do something about it. By this time the hospital had me as an outpatient and placed me on a remote patient care program - where I will take my weight, blood pressure and report daily. A stark reminder of my medical condition. Other than visiting the hospital's psychology clinic on a monthly basis, i took to my drawings again, photography, writing, and anything that would help ease the mind. I began speaking to people who suffered similar ailments as I, and shared my experience, encourage them to be compliant towards their own health care. For a time, many people didn't know what to make of it, many shun away for fear of hurting my feelings about my condition. I didn't mind but joke about it constantly. In the end that helped with uplifting the spirit, and to put others at ease of my condition, and also opened up my heart to accepting that my limits isn't physical, it is my mental willingness to push myself forward. We hang on, that's all you can do, we fight on, baby steps everyday.


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