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The Difference Between Heart Failure and Heart Attack

"... a HEART ATTACK occurs when blood flow to the heart is significantly reduced or completely cut off due to blockages within the coronary arteries." "... HEART FAILURE simply means that the heart is not pumping efficiently or effectively enough to meet the body's demands."

- by American Heart Association According to the American Heart Association, when a person is suffering from heart failure, the heart is weakened and can't supply cells in the body with enough oxygen and nutrients. This often causes the person to experience fatigue and shortness of breath. Sometimes, because the heart isn't pumping blood throughout the body fast enough, fluid backs up into the lungs, causing a condition called pulmonary edema.

High Blood Pressure, Irregular Heartbeat, and Poor Rest

In 2005, after my second tenure with Microsoft, I was admitted to Singapore General Hospital with feeling of coldness, some signs of pulmonary edema, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and slight bloating. I was discharged 4 days later and placed under outpatient monitoring for about 2 months and thereafter discharged by the hospital. Ten years later, I was re-admitted, this time to Changi General Hospital, with all the previous symptoms but a much more serious pulmonary edema than before. Upon examination, the doctors confirmed that I was suffering from a heart failure. I had to be place on oxygen supply. Batteries of tests include multiple drawing of blood, which resulted in purplish blobs on my arms where the needle had been inserted. Upon my discharge about a week later, the list of medication looked like a grocery list. And I needed to return for review every other day. Reality hit when I was told the left-side of my heart operating less than 20% effectiveness. There was no turning back, no recourse for healing, it's going to be a life-long battle.


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