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One Step At A Time Cardiac Rehabilitation is very important if we want to live as close to a normal life as possible after heart failure. However before you can do so, your cardiologist probably have to approve that you are "fit" enough, but it doesn't mean you can't do some basic exercises to help you push forward.

Depending if your hospital has a Cardiac Rehab programme, you could sign up, upon doctor's approval and some preliminary tests, to see what you can do. Regardless there are some basic exercises you can do at home without guidance.

In fact long before I started the Cardiac Rehab programme I had to make sure (1) I could do a 6-minute walk, and (2) that my heart can take the strain. Even in the programme you will have some bad days, but don't be discouraged. Work with the physiotherapist, who are trained to watch for signs of stress and discomfort, with the aid of monitoring devices and possibly that of a dietian. Your willingness to want to go through Cardiac Rehab is really a mindset change of accepting your illness, and wanting to improve your disposition. It is more than a physical and physiological change involved - it is also a mental shift of wanting to get better. So take advantage of it.

The prescribed exercises maybe quite daunting at the start - I found the first couple of time rather tiring and straineous but it got better eventually. Don't give up, have the good sense of trying to appreciate how far you have come along and know that you are on your way to gaining back some quality of life.

The session usually would last 45 minutes to an hour depending on your state of health, and normally to start off is to help you build up stamina. so you will be using gym equipment like: treadmill, stationary bike, hammer press, and leg press. Do not be too concern if someone else seemingly do better than you - you just have to better yourself because everyone's degree of cardiac problem is different. Remember: Do Not Compare Against Someone Else. The programme will be structured to address your needs only and nobody else's. Pace yourself and you will find minor improvements over time does help you. And at all times - find joy in ability to improve.


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