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Remember I spoke about having a blood clot inside the left chamber of my heart?

. I needed to be prescribed with blood thinners to make the blood more viscous by thinning it with medication like wafarin. This is necessary to prevent stroke from happening which could lead to death or paralysis. There have been many objections by people I came across about the side effects of wafarin on its long-term use. But here's what I'd like to say, yes there maybe undesirable side effects, but so does all the medication out there, including Panadols and Asprins. It is important for the patients and their family to keep an open-mind that medication were not prescribed carefully without purpose. Don't jump to conclusion until you realize that this maybe the only thing standing between you and certain death. Often I hear about using alternate medicine to help, I've no doubt it will work for some, but perhaps not for all. Please check with doctors before proceeding with these cures, and by the way, they do too have "side-effects." Remember doctors are there to help you, should you have any questions, asked them to help clarify your doubts.


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